All-electric carsharing and vanpooling comes to Watts.


Welcome to MegaWatts!

With grant funding from the California Strategic Growth Council, Green Commuter and WLCAC are launching MegaWatts as part of Watts Rising.

MegaWatts is a zero-emission shared mobility program that will serve the communities of Watts and Jordan Downs

  • Seven 7-passenger EVs for an EV-vanpool service
  • Eight 4-5 passenger EVs for traditional car sharing
  • 20 Level 2 charging stations
  • Four DC Fast charging stations
Contact Green Commuter at to redeem credits


EV Carsharing
Dedicated EVs including Tesla Model Ys and Chevy Bolts will be stationed at publicly accessible hubs in Watts. EV carsharing improves air quality, reduces the need for parking spaces and lowers the cost of mobility for users by providing an alternative to car ownership.

EV Vanpooling
with Tesla Model Y - A group of people share the commute to and from work driving a Zero Emission 7-passenger vehicle. Minimum ridership required is 5 passengers.


Application fee waivers (a $25.00 value) are also available for Watts residents at the time of sign up.


MegaWatts is supported by California Strategic Growth Council's Transformative Climate Communities program with funds from California Climate Investments Cap-and-Trade Dollars at Work.

MegaWatts está respaldado por el programa de Comunidades Transformadoras del Clima del Consejo de Crecimiento Estratégico de California con fondos de California Climate Investments, que pone dólares de "Cap-and-Trade" a trabajar.

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